A seven piece band playing the old style New Orleans jazz, recreating the music of the crescent city, be it a stomp, blues, hymn, spiritual or pop song of the day. In the style of the late great, Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas bands. Our motto is "helping to keep the real jazz alive". We travel extensively over the UK & Europe playing jazz clubs, theatres, hotels, jazz festivals, church concerts and private engagements.

We offer a choice of band size to suit any occasion. The regular seven piece line up is - Richard Church cornet/trumpet, Dave Vickers trombone, John Scantlebury or Roger Bird clarinet/sax, Barry Grummett piano, Colin Bushell drums, Harry Slater bass and Ted Smith banjo.

For small functions or background music we can take it down to a quartet or trio.

Whatever your need band leader Barry Grummett will be glad to give any help or advice.

We produce our own recordings & merchandise - for more information visit our CD Album page.

To find out more about booking the band, do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our contact page here.


Barry Grummett


Piano and Band Leader

Barry, from Loughborough, started playing solo piano in pubs and clubs at the age of 15 and, inspired by Fats Domino, went on to join rock'n'roll and blues bands. In 1976 he formed his own New Orleans-style band which ran until he joined the Chris Blount Band in 1992. On Chris' death, he took over the leadership of the group which was eventually renamed New Orleans Heat. His Alton Purnell-style driving piano is a key component in the band's sound.

Ted Smith



Ted lived in London and played with the Dumaine Street and Vintage Jazz bands until he retired from playing some years ago. He has now moved up to Oakham in Rutland. I am pleased to say he has agreed to join New Orleans Heat on Banjo replacing Alan Birkinhead who retired from the band at the end of December,

Harry Slater


String Bass

Harry has played all over Europe and the USA, including a memorable appearance at Preservation Hall, New Orleans, in 1967, and has backed many of the jazz stars visiting the UK, including Alton Purnell, Kid Sheik, Louis Nelson and Thomas Jefferson. Not bad for someone who started out as a tea-chest bass skiffler at the age of 16. Harry bought his first double bass in 1958 and went on to feature in a number of leading British New Orleans-style jazz bands, including the Les Devotees Jazz Men and the bands of Dave Brennan and Chris Blount, before becoming a permanent member of the Blount band in 1973.

Richard Church



Richard Started playing cornet in the school brass band in1962. He went on to play with championship bands till the early seventies. He had a grounding in jazz from the age of five. His elder brother used to record the live bands visiting the Norwich jazz clubs on a portable reel to reel recorder. Richard spent a lot of time replaying and listening to the recordings. Around 1985 he started playing New Orleans style with local bands Lumiere Rouge and Red Beans 'N' Rice. He played in New Orleans in 2008 and 2010 with Liberty Hall Stompers. The venues included Preservation Hall and Palm Court Jazz Restaurant. He still enjoys listening to and learning from the Old Masters, Bunk, Kid Thomas, Dede, Kid Howard and Percy Humphrey.

John Scantlebury


Clarinet, Alto Sax

John, from Cardiff, played most of his jazz with bands in his home city, but, following his retirement as a journalist, was recruited by New Orleans Heat. A fan of swing as a youngster, he formed a jazz club at his school after going to a Sidney Bechet concert and discovered more New Orleans music via the city's much-admired Mike Harries band. Eighteen months of clarinet-swotting later he was in the Harries line-up, meeting many New Orleans legends, going on to guest with Cuff Billett and Dan Pawson's bands and, memorably, playing alongside George Lewis himself ("Just one number and I scarcely had the nerve to blow a note," he says).

Roger Bird


Clarinet, Tenor Sax

Roger began playing clarinet at school in Birmingham and joined Dan Pawson's band while still in his teens. As a student in London he was active on the New Orleans revival scene in the 1970s occupying the reed chair in the Gothic Jazzband. He had the call to join Belgium's Cotton City Band and spent four years based in Ghent before leaving to go on the road with trumpeter Colin Dawson. During this period he found time to visit New Orleans on several occasions. After around ten years of extensive travelling Roger returned to Britain, settling in Nottingham where he is still based and is currently kept busy both as a freelance musician and a regular performer with New Orleans Heat.

Dave Vickers


Trombone, Vocals

Dave started playing trombone at the age of 14. Playing in the school orchestra and brass quartets. In the late 60s played with jazz bands in and around Nottingham. In the early 70s he joined the Chris Blount Band and stayed for 12 years. After that he played with a list of good bands, Chicago Echoes, Ginger Pig, Roy Kirby, Paul Russells Oriole Parade Band and Dave Brennan's Jubilee Jazz Band. Joining the Ken Colyer Trust Band in 1994. In 2000 joined Annie Hawkins, Formed Spicy Advice with Roger Bird. After that had short spells with the Wabash Jazzmen and Rod Chambers Band then freelanced till joining New Orleans Heat in 2014.

Colin Bushell



Colin, from near Gloucester, started playing drums at the age of 15 and first became interested in New Orleans jazz when he saw the George Lewis Band in Bristol in the late Fifties. He stopped playing when he was 18 because of work commitments, but resumed in 1978/9 with the Gloucestershire-based Roy Kirby Paragon Jazz Band. Colin has played with many of the West Country bands and at clubs and festivals around the country and abroad. "I have been lucky and privileged to have met and played with musicians who are dedicated New Orleans players," he says. "It is such a pleasure to see people dancing and enjoying the sound of the New Orleans music.".


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